5-in-1 Test Strip Features:

The SPECK 5-in-1 Test Strip offers pool owners a quick and easy way to test the following levels of their pool water:

  • Total Hardness – Ideal readings reduce the risk of pool plaster dissolving.
  • Total Chlorine – Identifies the sum of Free Chlorine and Combined Chlorine.
  • Free Chlorine – Ideal readings aid crystal clear water.
  • Potential of Hydrogen – Ideal readings help avoid pool corrosion and scaling.
  • Total Alkalinity – Ideal readings assist in preventing pH changes.
What’s included?
  • 5x individually sealed packets containing 10 test strips
  • 1x Colour comparator chart
  • 1x Test Kit Indicator Chart

5-in-1 Test Strip

Optimal water balance in a pool is function of a several factors. It is assessed by measuring pH and chlorine levels in the pool water. Both need to be inside set guidelines for water to meet industry standards.

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