BADU Solar System | Solar power pool or Koi pond pumps

Speck is the greatest name in pumps in South Africa and across the world. We provide South Africa with a range of pool pumps and swimming pool accessories. For more than a century, German-headquartered Speck has designed and manufactured innovative, high quality pumps for the swimming pool industry worldwide.

At Speck, we offer a range of swimming pool pumps, filters, equipment and associated accessories for the maintenance and care of swimming pools.

We are pioneers in our industry, thanks to innovations such as the BADU® Solar System. This system connects solar power directly to your Speck swimming pool or Koi pond pump, turning your existing pump into a solar powered pool pump.

Did you know:
  • Any Speck swimming pool or Koi pump up to 1.10kW can be solar powered?
  • The BADU® Solar System can be connected directly to the Speck pool pump, allowing the pump to be entirely off-grid and able to run for as much as 9 hours per day.
  • Koi fish mortality as a result of Eskomosis has been proven to be directly connected to load shedding. The loss of power onto the circulation pump leads to a lethal loss of oxygen in the fish pond, causing distress and ultimately death in high volumes of Koi fish. The risk of Eskomosis can be avoided entirely with our solar system.

How the BADU Solar System® works

The BADU Solar System® functions solely on power generated through sunlight. Sunlight shines onto the solar panel, creating DC electricity. From here, the electricity flows from the panels through a booster to the controller box where it is4 converted to AC electricity, which is the same type of power supplied by a power grid.

When installed, the solar panels are installed in rows. In the Southern hemisphere, the panels should face true North, and in the Northern hemisphere it should face true South. To generate the best possible power, the panels need to be tilted at the same angle as the property’s latitude, for example: Cape Town is 33˚, Durban is 29˚, JHB is 26˚ and Pretoria is 25˚.

Our panels are installed with boosters to increase the amount of electricity generated, making our system more economical with fewer panels covering your roof.

The BADU Solar System® can run solely on solar power, or in conjunction with power from the grid, which is great news for Koi enthusiasts. The BADU Solar System® is designed to use solar power first and then to top up with what is required, if at all, from the grid. Thanks to this innovative design, any Speck pump can be converted to a solar powered pool pump.

The BADU Solar System® controller software can be linked to a computer or smart phone, allowing remote monitoring from anywhere. With the assistance of this technology, the homeowner can ensure that the system is working, keep track of its performance stats and change settings, which makes running a pump remotely, safe and easy.

As with our existing range of swimming pool pumps and accessories, the BADU Solar System® is available for sale through all leading pool shops, home improvement outlets, hardware stores and several online retailers. We also have a helpful brochure available on this range, click here to view it online.

For any enquiries, contact us at any of our branches or through the Contact page on our website.