Your Eco-friendly Pool Partner

As a leading pool pumps and accessories manufacturer in South Africa, SPECK is known for its innovative filtration and circulation systems. Committed to product innovations that embrace sustainable living, we have engineered a range of units, including those for pre-filtration, filtration, circulation and disinfection, to offer our customers eco-friendly alternatives for their pool care and maintenance.

Engineering product solutions that support sustainable swimming pool systems has become an environmentally strategic goal for SPECK. SPECK is increasingly striving to “move water” sustainably through high-quality pool products that assist ethical pool management. This includes meeting the goals of saving water, utilising renewable energy and reducing the consumption of harmful, hazardous chemicals.


Creating a Sustainable Swimming Pool

Our range of eco-friendly pool pre-filters, filters, pumps and UV-C systems satisfy the low energy and water reduction requirements needed to manage a sustainable swimming pool. Each unit is available in various sizes meaning that for every requirement of a SPECK customer, we can assist in an eco-smart filtration and circulation system that will support their needs.

Reducing harmful chemicals…

The harmful side effects of chloramine are a thing of the past with our revolutionary UV-C systems. These systems combine ultraviolet light, ozonation and very little chemicals to provide state-of-the-art water disinfection that protects swimmers and the environment from the negative impacts of chlorine. The Blue Lagoon UV-C systems available from SPECK can assist in a chlorine reduction of more than 80%.

Maintaining disinfected water with these units also assists in reducing water waste as the backwashing frequency required for clean pool water is reduced. The water flushed from the filtration system can also be repurposed for garden usage, thanks to the elimination of hazardous chemicals.


Saving water…

With pre-filtration from our MultiCyclone units, swimming pool owners can save thousands of litres annually as these units only require 15 litres of water to flush through their cleaning cycle. The BADU®Eco Touch self-priming circulation pump helps the push toward greener management with its lower energy consumption and decreased Co2 emissions. This pump’s plastic components are also 100% recyclable, helping it tick every box on the sustainability checklist.


Creating renewable energy…

The plight for an environmentally friendly pool management system does not end with saving water and reducing chemicals. We assist with energy saving through solar energy systems. Our BADU® solar system can work alongside any SPECK pump to lower non-renewable energy consumption. These solar panels function independently and are installed with boosters to generate maximum power. The high efficiency of this unit delivers added cost-savings benefits for the pool owner..

Going green with SPECK

Our eco-friendly pool filtration and circulation units offer environmentally responsible efficiency for all sized applications. If you require a comprehensive pool management solution that prioritises sustainability without compromising quality, we can assist. After assessing your unique needs, we can recommend which units best suit your needs for optimal water and energy conservation.
For more information on shifting to sustainable pool management with SPECK, please feel free to contact our team for more information.