Circulation Pumps

For more than a century, German-headquartered Speck has designed and manufactured innovative, high quality pumps for the swimming pool industry worldwide. In South Africa and across the world, Speck is the greatest name in circulation pumps, thanks to a brand synonymous with quality and reliability. We provide South Africa with a range of circulation pumps, pool pumps and swimming pool accessories.

Speck circulation pumps satisfy a broad range of application requirements from decorative water features, to large swimming pools for establishments such as vacation resorts. Each pump within our extensive range is suited to specific applications. It is important to recognize that when it comes to circulation pumps, bigger is not better! The desired outcome for the pump in question determines the pump size requirement. When in doubt, always reach out to our team of technical experts for sound advice on the correct pump for your needs.

Here is our range of circulation pumps:

BADU®Eco Touch

The self-priming circulation pump BADU®Eco Touch is an industry leader in innovative motor technology. This pump revolutionizes energy consumption, operating costs and water quality, with the added plus of reduced CO2 emissions in swimming pools and koi ponds. Apart from the many other advantages of the BADU®Eco Touch, it is designed for quiet operation as well.

The system is brilliant in its simplicity – the lower the motor speed, the lower the energy consumption. Many years’ experience in the design and construction of pumps and the use of high-quality materials are a guarantee for time-tested BADU® quality!

Visit the BADU®Eco Touch product page on our website for technical and product information of this mode.


A classic in the BADU®series! Over decades and with more than a million already in use, this pump performs flawlessly in countless swimming pools around the world. No other pump within the BADU® range has proven to be as successful as the BADU®Porpoise.

Thanks to its glass filled reinforced material, designed for better strength to withstand wear and tear, this circulation pump is especially designed for medium to large installations like swimming pools, Koi ponds, abalone farms, oyster farms, aquaponics systems and cooling systems for chicken farms. Engineered for durability and continuously optimised, its superior performance and low noise emissions ensures the recipe for its success for decades to come.

Visit the BADU®Porpoise product page on our website for technical and product information of this mode.


Part of the galaxy of BADU®pumps and an extension of our world renown and popular BADU®Porpoise, these pumps with their exceptional flow rates, are especially suited for larger domestic pools or where bigger and better flow rates are required.  With a flow rate of 30m3 at 8m Total Dynamic Head, this is a true shooting star circulation pump.

Visit the BADU®Galaxy product page on our website for technical and product information of this mode.


Our baby BADU® – The BADU®Picco is the smallest in the BADU®series and especially designed for smaller installation like waterfalls, water features and above ground pools.  Packed with the intelligence of a big pump, this affordable compact circulation pump is revolutionary in energy consumption, operating costs, low maintenance and durability.  The pump can be installed a maximum of 1.5m above or a maximum of 3m below the water level.

Visit the BADU®Picco product page on our website for technical and product information of this mode.


The BADU®Magic range of pumps is especially designed for applications in small filtration plants, splash pools, koi ponds and water features.  The pump can be installed to a maximum of 2 above or 3m below water level.  The pump must be installed on a flat area that would not flood in heavy rains.

Visit the BADU®Magic product page on our website for technical and product information of this mode.


True to its name, the easy-to-maintain BADU®Resort’s area of expertise is hotels, resorts, health clubs and schools with large pools.  Traditionally, these applications are served by expensive, heavy-duty bronze and cast-iron pumps but the BADU®Resort is a pump with a deeper purpose in mind.  Thanks to our state-of-the-art reinforced fibreglass plastic, investment costs are dramatically reduced without affecting its prolonged life and superior performance.

Visit the BADU®Resort product page on our website for technical and product information of this mode.

Our service centres located at all Speck branches across South Africa offer repair of circulation pumps, using only genuine Speck parts.  To find your closest Speck branch, visit our Contact Us page.