Introducing our UV-C Systems

With drive, innovation and passion for the industry at the forefront of all we do, SPECK is proud to announce the launch of our pioneering UV-C systems. These systems meet our goal of offering high-quality products that prioritise maximum performance whilst offering a hassle-free solution to disinfecting pool water.
UV-C Systems

The Importance of Disinfecting Pool Water

Maintaining swimming pool water is crucial to avoid the growth of harmful microorganisms and algae that leave water unsuitable. Our newly launched UV-C systems combine the best disinfectant treatments to aid efficiency and safe water disinfection. This includes a combination of ultraviolet light, ozone, copper ionising and chemicals.

UV-C Explained

Our disinfectant systems utilise the UV-C spectrum, the most lethal UV wavelength for microorganisms. UV-C light causes permanent damage to microorganisms by penetrating their cell wall. This either destroys them or leaves them unable to reproduce, ensuring excellent pool water quality.

How will UV-C systems benefit pool owners?
  • Guarantees crystal clear water
  • Disinfects against all microorganisms
  • Reduced energy and maintenance costs
  • Requires fewer chemicals
  • No risk of overdosing
  • Eliminates respiratory irritation
  • Sustainable, non-hazardous solution

Introducing our UV-C Systems

Blue Lagoon
Signal UV-C

The Blue Lagoon Signal UV-C disinfects pool water and ensures superior water quality through a tried and tested combination system. This unit is equipped with a built-in electronic ballast that captures voltage fluctuations to protect the UV lamp, and it is encased in a stainless steel housing.

This unit offers a visual representation of the lamp’s remaining lifespan to facilitate its uninterrupted use. It can also reduce pool water’s chemical concentration by 50-80%.

Visit the Blue Lagoon Signal UV-C product page on our website for technical and product information for this UV-C System.


Blue Lagoon Copper
Ionizer UV-C

The Blue Lagoon Copper Ionizer UV-C combines UV-C technology and copper electrolysis to promote chlorine-free pool water. This system is easy to maintain and requires a low dose of 0,7 ppm copper to facilitate water disinfection. This system requires testing with the supplied test strips every two weeks to assess whether all levels are correct.

This unit contains a built-in electronic ballast to enable an efficient and stable power supply, is easy to install and needs minimal long-term maintenance.

Visit the Blue Lagoon Copper Ionizer UV-C product page on our website for technical and product information for this UV-C System.


Blue Lagoon AOP Compact Ozone & UV-C 2.0

The Blue Lagoon AOP Compact Ozone & UV-C 2.0 harnesses the combined disinfection qualities of ozone and UV-C treatments to deliver healthy pool water. It requires fewer chemicals and is highly effective against chlorine-resistant microorganisms. By reducing the need for chemicals, pool owners can enjoy a more pleasant swimming experience with this system.

This unit is manufactured with a stand-alone electronic ballast to ensure a stable power supply.  It bears a stainless-steel housing suitable for chlorine and salt electrolysis pools.

Visit the Blue Lagoon AOP Compact Ozone & UV-C 2.0 product page on our website for technical and product information for this UV-C System.


We provide a range of high-quality swimming pool cleaning systems suitable for residential and commercial spaces. For more information on our UV-C systems, please feel free to contact our team for more information.