JOHNTECH Peripheral Pumps

Peripheral pumps may have a similar appearance to centrifugal pumps. However, the internal operation of these units is entirely different. These innovative pumps can develop high discharge heads with low flow rates due to internal impellers that rotate in a concentric casing with inlet and outlet openings. JOHNTECH’s range of peripheral pumps from VANSAN Water Technologies offers value-for-money solutions to increase the efficiency of your water circulation systems.
peripheral pumps

The Benefits of Peripheral Pumps

Water delivery

Peripheral pumps are designed to offer high pressure and low flow rates without compromising the unit’s lifespan. These pumps feature an impeller supported on both sides, promoting efficient operation in various applications.


Peripheral pumps are great for various applications due to their small and compact size. This makes them easy to install in tight spaces and less likely to get damaged during installation. Their size also makes them less likely to overheat, making them ideal for extreme environments.


Peripheral pumps are designed to operate with minimal maintenance and have a wide variety of features that make them ideal for use in challenging environments. These units also make use of corrosion-resistant material to increase their lifespan.


Peripheral pumps are designed to minimize cavitation by allowing fluid to flow into the cavitation zone at a reduced velocity. This allows the bubbles to grow slowly, minimizing the risk of damage when they collapse.

Revolutionary pumps from JOHNTECH


The non-self-priming units in the JOHNTECH CPM and CPW Series are specially designed for domestic use. These energy-efficient peripheral pumps are installed below the tank’s water level and offer incredible durability. In addition, these pumps provide low noise operation and are suited for continuous heavy-duty systems.

Visit the JOHNTECH CPM & CPW Series product page on our website for technical and product information for this peripheral pump.


The JOHNTECH JET JM Series self-priming allows for below or above-water installations. This energy-efficient unit is primarily intended to support clean water usage and is best suited for small to medium-scale irrigation systems. It is perfect for borehole pump-to-storage tank applications and tank-to-house applications.

Visit the JOHNTECH JET product page on our website for technical and product information for this peripheral pump.


The JOHNTECH PM Series peripheral pump is a non-self-priming unit that requires below-water level installation. These peripheral pumps offer energy efficiency, simple maintenance and incredible durability. This series was specifically designed for hydroponic farming applications, domestic use on rainwater harvest tanks, pressure boosting water pipe systems and drip irrigation.

Visit the JOHNTECH PM Series product page on our website for technical and product information for this peripheral pump.

JOHNTECH peripheral pumps are easy to install, deliver high performance and are suitable for a wide range of applications. SPECK is proud to be an approved distributor for JOHNTECH pumps. If you are interested in any of these units to ease the circulation requirements of your water systems, feel free to contact our team for more information.