Submersible Drainage Pumps

For years, SPECK has delivered high-quality pool pumps to suit a variety of applications. As we continue to maintain our name in innovation, we are proud to offer our clients a range of submersible pumps from VANSAN water technologies.
submersible pumps
What are submersible draining pumps?

Submersible pumps work by pushing water towards the surface rather than pulling it inward. They utilise water-tight motors, which allow the entire pump to be submerged underwater. The quality of these units is of utmost importance as they use critical electrical components that can be damaged if water were to leak inside. To ensure that these draining pumps offer effective operation, they should be professionally installed.


This pump is suitable for waste water drainage in factories, construction zones and other commercial facilities. This unit is also ideal for use alongside drainage systems in sewage treatment plants and for residential spaces.

Its motor uses high-grade copper winding, utilises a built-in thermal protector, and has a stainless steel shaft to provide a versatile and long-lasting drainage solution.


This unit is best suited for drainage of water waste in factories, construction zones and commercial spaces. It can also be utilised for drainage in sewage treatment plants in municipal spaces and residential quarters.

With excellent copper winding, a built-in thermal protector and a stainless steel shaft, the hardware of this pump’s motor is guaranteed to provide years of reliable use.


This submersible drainage pump is suited for various applications, including drainage of water waste, facilitating drainage systems, and methane pool and field irrigation.

Its motor offers quality copper winding, a thermal protector and stainless steel shafting to provide superior use throughout all applications.


With a float switch and a 6-metre cable, this drainage pump is suitable for various applications. This unit offers high versatility to provide years of high performance, from waste water drainage to drainage systems for sewage treatment plants.

The motor of this pump holds copper winding, a built-in thermal protector and a stainless steel welded shaft to further ensure its efficiency.

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