UV-C Systems
UV-C Systems

UV-C Systems |
Efficient Pool Water Disinfection


Pool water that is not maintained correctly may develop harmful infections and algae, making it unsuitable for usage. We offer various water disinfectant systems to avoid this unsightly and unpleasant situation. The most effective disinfectants include a combination of ultraviolet light, ozonation and chemicals.

A combination of UV light and chemicals is a highly successful approach to disinfect pool water. Water that passes through UV light is disinfected with chemicals, which serves as a pre-treatment to increase the efficiency of the process. The addition of UV light facilitates a chemical reduction of more than 80%, which offers pool owners a range of benefits.

Benefits of UV-C Systems include:
  • Improved efficacy against microorganisms
  • Crystal clear pool water
  • Reduction in quantity of chemicals required
  • Elimination of eye, nose, skin and respiratory irritation
  • Reduced energy and maintenance costs
  • Lower risk of overdosing
  • More sustainable, non-hazardous solution