Waterguard – Liquid blanket to save water


A liquid ‘blanket’ to reduce evaporation!

WaterGuard is a unique liquid which spreads over the surface of water to form a very thin film and reduce evaporation. Many people are familiar with Aquatain, the first silicone based liquid for evaporation control. WaterGuard is a new, improved formulation manufactured by Aquatain Products (Pty) Ltd which is even more effective and more economical for reducing evaporation from farm dams, reservoirs and pools.

How Does It Work?
WaterGuard is produced from polymers which repel each other very strongly when they come in contact with the water. This results in a strong spreading action across the surface, forming a liquid ‘blanket’ to reduce evaporation.
Is WaterGuard Safe?
The components of WaterGuard are safe chemicals, and many of them are used in food and pharmaceutical applications.

Why Is It Important To Reduce Evaporation?

Water losses from evaporation are immense. A single square metre of water surface can easily lose up to 8 litres to evaporation every day in summer, and a one hectare dam can lose up to 80,000 litres. Water that is essential for animals and growing crops.

Rain, Wave And Wind Action?
Once the film is in place, it is very resistant to disturbances. It will move around slowly over the surface, but will not build up at one end of the water body. In the event of rain, the blanket will not be affected as it will allow the rain to go through without disturbing the film.
What Savings Can You Expect With WaterGuard?
Trials in the US have achieved evaporation savings of 50% and above.
Application Methods

WaterGuard can simply be poured on to the water directly from the bottle, and it will spread rapidly across the surface.

Yes. Liquid blankets are recommended by the City of Cape Town as a water saving mechanism.


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