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Our years of industry experience has made us a leading manufacturer of superior pool pumps, filters and accessories in South Africa, and across the world.
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Speck Pumps is the greatest name in pumps in South Africa and the world, and we provide South Africa with a range of pool pumps and swimming pool accessories. For more than 114 years of Speck Pumpen, and 55 years of Speck SA, our corporate headquarters in Germany, have designed and produced innovative high quality pumps for the swimming pool industry worldwide.

How Speck Pumps came to be is a very enthralling story indeed. The company was founded as Daniel Speck & Sons in 1909 in Nuremburg, Germany after Daniel Speck and his son, Otto, stumbled upon an empty workshop on one fateful Sunday. Seeing the shop’s potential, father and son bought the workshop from its owner on the very same day they came across it, starting the company Daniel Speck & Sons in that year.


From the day Daniel Specks’ company was founded, it grew from strength to strength, manufacturing its first plunger pump in that same year. Often working in the workshop from 6am until well after midnight, father and sons put all they had to offer into their new company. At this time in the company’s history, however, the production of pumps was not the main focus, and various kinds of agricultural machinery was also built. In 1918 the company moved to a larger workshop in Nuremburg and expanded from there.

During their time there, one of Daniel Specks’ other sons, Kurt, occupied himself with the study of pump building and designed a series of pumps for domestic water supply. This was a major success, seeing as there was significant progress in the electrification of rural areas, and as development grew in the industrial field, Speck Pumps came into greater demand. From there, the company grew significantly, despite the ups and downs caused by World War II, founding new factories and increasing its workforce.

In the mid 1960’s, Swimming pool technology became the main focus of the company, and in 1964 Speck Pumps’ swimming pool technology was launched. In 1965 and 1967 the first two pool water circulation pumps, the cast metal BADU®13 and BADU®17, were launched. After the launch of these two pumps the technology was updated and the very first all-plastic pump called the BADU®19 was launched in 1968.

Over the years Speck Pumps started to reach beyond the German market, and in 1969, Speck Pumpen exported the first pumps to South Africa. Speck Pumps SA has continued Speck Pumps’ fine tradition and is, after 55 years, still one of the greatest names in the Swimming pool, Spa and Koi Pumps industry in South Africa.

Speck Pumps is known for offering its superior design quality, product quality, and outstanding service and spares network to our industry on a national basis as well as the rest of the African continent and the Indian Ocean Islands.

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Speck Pumps offers a wide range of
BADU® pool pumps and swimming pool accessories

Speck Pumps’ self-designed and self-manufactured BADU® range of swimming pool pumps and swimming pool accessories are of the highest quality and built to last.

We cover all of our customers’ swimming pool needs from pool pumps to pool lights. Our products include:

Pool Pumps
Being the heart of a pool’s circulation system, the pool pump is an essential piece of equipment for every pool. Its main function is to pump water through the pool’s filtration system, helping to keep the pool clean and functioning properly. We will take the size of your pool into account and help you choose the right pool pump to fit your needs.
Pool Filters

A pool filter works together with a pool pump to maintain a clean pool. While the pump is circulating water through the pool system, the filter does its job by trapping debris found in the water that is being pumped through it.

Speck Pumps stocks sand and cartridge filters of various sizes. Speck Pumps will help customers choose the right filter for their pool’s needs. It’s wise to remember that a pool filter must always be matched to the correct pool pump, and never the other way around.

Pool Chlorinators
Pool chlorinators eliminates the need to manually add chlorine to a pool. It produces its own chlorine through an electrical process, saving time and money for the user. The chlorine produced by a pool chlorinator is also easier on the eyes and skin of swimmers.
Pool Lights
Pool lights are the perfect addition to any pool, livening up the pool and garden at night. Speck Pumps supplies electricity saving LED lights, with an average lifetime of 100 000 hours. LED lights converts 80% of the electricity it consumes into light, unlike traditional lights that only converts 20% of the electricity it uses into light, with the rest being converted into heat.
Swimming Pool Cleaners
A swimming pool cleaner is an essential piece of equipment for those who do not care to clean their pool manually. Pool cleaners work quickly and efficiently to clean a pool automatically. Speck Pumps stocks two types of automatic swimming pool cleaners and both work by using the suction generated by the pool pump.
Swimming Pool Accessories
Speck Pumps stocks a wide variety of pool accessories, such as thermometers, brushes, leaf rakes and test kits. These accessories are essential in the maintenance of a clean and functioning swimming pool.
We also offer spa pumps and Koi filters

We do not only supply swimming pool equipment and accessories, we also cater to those with spas and Koi ponds. For the convenience of Koi enthusiasts, who only want the best for their fish, the BADU® Koi Filter comes in four different sizes and has a quick release lid for easy maintenance.

The BADU®45 Spa Pump series comes in three sizes, designed to fit any spa. These pumps are self-draining, which ensures that when the bath is emptied, the water is drained out of the pump. For the users’ safety, the BADU®45 Spa Pump is also completely electrically separated, and it has a temperature stability of 60°C.

Our promise to our customers is that we will always provide them with the best quality warrantied products. We have always, and always will, design and manufacture our products to the highest possible standards.