With pool chlorinators, it is not necessary to manually add chlorine to your pool

Pool chlorinators causes less irritation of the skin and eyes

BADU®LOGIC- Saltwater chlorinators

Why use the BADU®Logic range of self-cleaning saltwater chlorinators? Quite simply, salt water chlorination is the healthy alternative to chlorinate your swimming pool; the natural way. Fitting a BADU®Logic salt chlorinator will transform your pool into a lifestyle asset, ensuring soft, crystal clear water without the red eyes and without dry itchy skin.

The BADU®Logic range of self-cleaning pool chlorinators is low maintenance and even lower operating costs compared to other chlorination methods and create more eco-friendly backwash water while still maintaining high levels of chlorine efficiency.

The BADU®Logic range of self-cleaning salt pool chlorinators is manufactured to the highest ISO standards and carries the CE mark of approval.


  • Low maintenance and easy to operate.
  • Clear housing for quick electrode inspection.
  • Self-cleaning efficiency on electrodes for life.
  • Cutting edge cell design so that electrodes do not erode.
  • Fully factory tested.
  • Available in 4 sizes to suit all pool applications.
  • 12 month ex-factory warranty under normal operating conditions from date of purchase.
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