Pool filters
pool filters

Pool filters are just as essential as pool pumps

Using a pool pump alone will not clean a pool. It is essential to have a pool pump working in conjunction with a pool filter in order to maintain a clean swimming pool. It is also very important to choose the right type of filter to fit a particular pool’s needs. Speck Pumps offers sand and cartridge pool filters.

Pool filters work together with pool pumps

Bigger is not always better when it comes to pool pumps. A pool pump that is too large can hinder filtration and can even damage a pool’s filter and/or heater. It is therefore very important to know the size of a pool before purchasing a pool pump. If there is additional equipment (such as water features) installed into the pool, it will have to be taken it into account when deciding what size pump is going to be purchased. The more equipment is installed into a pool, the more powerful the pump needs to be.

It is important to consult with a pool equipment expert, such as Speck Pumps, before buying a pool pump. The team at Speck Pumps will be able to give our customers professional advice regarding the size of the pump they will need to purchase.


Choosing the right filter

There are two main types of filters, sand filters and cartridge filters. When it comes to choosing a pool filter, bigger is not always better. It’s wise to remember that a pool filter must always be matched to the correct size pool pump, and never the other way around.

Sand filters are the easiest type of filter to operate and maintain. The filter system works using a special type of sand that traps particles in the 20 to 100 micron range. A sand filters’ efficiency increases as it collects dirt, allowing it to trap debris more efficiently as time goes by. It is, however, necessary to replace a sand filter’s sand approximately every two to three years.

Cartridge filters are able to trap particles in the 25 to 100 micron range. To clean a cartridge filter the cartridge is removed and hosed down, from top to bottom, with a high power hose. Care should be taken when cleaning a cartridge filter, as too much pressure can damage the filter. A cartridge filter should be replaced every year seeing as, with each cleaning, its filtering capacity is reduced.