Pool lights

Swimming pool lights adds a special touch to a pool and livens up a garden at night. Speck Pumps offers customers electricity saving LED pool lights.

LED pool lights save electricity and last almost forever

Although the initial cost of buying LED pool lights may be higher, it will save on an electricity bill in the long run, simply because it is so energy efficient. LED lights convert 80% of the electrical energy it consumes into light, compared to traditional lights, which only convert 20% of the energy it consumes into light.

LED lights also last for an extremely long time, compared to traditional lights. The average operational life for an LED light is 100 000 hours. This translates into 11 years of continuous 24/7 usage.

Specktralight Aqua 150 Colour
Specktralight Aqua 50 Blue

Specktralight Aqua Aimflo Colour

Specktralight Aqua Aimflo Blue