15 Reasons LED Pool Lights are the Best Choice

Once you decide on LED pool lights, you’ll never want to go back. Over and above the excellent quality and efficiency of Speck’s pool lights, our LED bulbs offer you even more benefits, such as:
Energy Efficient

Energy efficient

Did you know? Unlike traditional lighting solutions, LED lights can turn up to 80% of their energy into light – that’s 70% more than traditional bulbs! This is because they do not create as much heat as traditional bulbs and hence, do not waste as much energy.

Longer lifespan

Longer lifespan

Due to LED lights excellent energy efficiency, they are able to generate more light. Overall this extends the lifespan of LED light bulbs significantly as they have an estimated lifespan of around 100 000 hours – that’s 11 years of constant usage.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance

As these bulbs run for longer than traditional solutions, you can save costs of future replacements. Furthermore, the cost to have these lights lit are lower due to their energy efficiency making them a valuable lighting choice for your pool.

Multiple Colours to Choose from

Multiple colours

Unlike traditional bulbs that have the option of white and yellow lights, our LED pool lights come with the option of multiple light colours, including a lighter and darker blue, green, and white. These colours are also not pre-set as one, and hence can be changed as you please.

Colour shows

Colour shows

Our LED pool lights have the added element of fun with their colour show options, not found in traditional light solutions! With a choice between six different modes, there is a colour show for everyone, ranging from a roll through of the rainbow to a display of beautiful blues and greens.

High intensity

High intensity

LED light bulbs have the capacity to emit a high level of lumen output which allows for a longer and stronger emission of brightness. This is particularly useful for pool lights as LED bulbs can emit more light through the water which improves your overall swimming experience.



LED bulbs offer durable and reliable solutions for lighting as they can withstand harsh conditions and temperatures with their light being compromised. Hence, making use of LED pool lights is a wise choice as they will be able to withstand the temperature fluctuations of your pool year-round.

No delays

No delay

If you’ve ever turned on a light and had to wait for even a millisecond, you’ll know that it feels like a lifetime. With LED bulbs you will never face this problem again. Our LED pool lights offer instant illumination to their full brightness capacity.

Small and compact

Small and compact

On top of all the wonderful existing qualities that LED bulbs bring our pool lights, they are also ideal for their compact size. As these light fittings are small and compact they do not hinder or interfere with the aesthetics of your pool.

Can withstand weather conditions

Can withstand weather conditions

With traditional light bulbs, a higher voltage is required to get them shining in lower temperatures. Luckily, with LED bulbs this is not a factor. These bulbs can operate fully no matter what the temperature, which is ideal for pool lights as they are exposed to fluctuating temperatures!

Improves pool safety

Improves pool safety

With LED pool lights you can rest assured that your pool has the efficient light it needs to illuminate your entire space, and hence making swimming during the night-time that much easier! Along with light, follows safety as swimming in the dark can be dangerous, especially for children.

All hours pool access

Gives you 24/7 pool access

With the high-intensity brightness offered through LED light bulbs, you are guaranteed to be able to use your pool 24/7, no matter how dark it is outside! Since this extends the hours you can make use of your pool, you can have hours of extra fun with your investment.

Retro fitted pool lights

Retro fitting

At Speck, our LED pool lights are all able to be retro fitted. This means that even if you do not have a brand new pool in your yard, you will still be able to make use of our LED pool lights and experience the excellent light they offer.

Our pool lights are environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

LED light bulbs are desirable for their environmentally friendly qualities. Unlike traditional light bulbs, these sources of light are completely safe to recycle as they do not contain harmful elements, such as mercury.

LED bulbs have focussed light

Focussed light

LED bulbs are expertly designed to have quality directional lighting capabilities. In essence, this means that the focus of light produced from these bulbs are better than that of traditional bulbs, as they direct light in a more usable manner – perfect for pool use!

Any added benefits nowadays sound like a win, though with fifteen of them how could you go wrong? We’ve got a light solution for all kinds of pools. If you are interested in high quality LED pool lights, have a look at what we have to offer here.