Backwash Tanks

Easy Installation, saves water, saves money and eco-friendly.

Save Water and Save Money with Backwash Tanks

The Speck Pumps Waterwise Backwash Tanks are designed to reduce costs on replacing backwashed water which is usually discarded and thereby saving money too. Typically, a swimming pool has to be backwashed in order to remove chemical products, sand, dirt, leaves, debris and sunscreen residue from the filtration system. This process is known as a backwash system. Simply put, your swimming pool filtration system is cleaned by backwashing the pool water. This removes the build-up in the filter.

Normally, backwashed water is discarded by a wastepipe and includes a rinsing action. A lot of water is wasted this way. The Speck Pumps Waterwise Backwash Tanks are designed to minimise the wastage of water by using the backwashed water to be pumped back into the pool after treatment.

The simple process is a matter of connecting the waste line to the inlet connection on the top of the tank, and fitting a return pipe to the fitted valve at the bottom of the tank to the pool, allows water to be saved and returned to the pool. Once the backwash and rinse process has been completed, treat the water in the backwash tank with chlorine and a flocculant and allow the water to settle. After 24 hours, pump the water from the tank back into the pool. Easy, efficient and eco-friendly.