Jumbo Filter Features:
  • Non-corrosive high flow ABS internal components
  • Automatic internal air relief system
  • 24-month ex-factory warranty on the tank from date of purchase
  • 60-month ex-factory warranty on the multiport valve and internal parts from date of purchase
Our high-quality Jumbo Filter offers our clients all necessary features to ensure that their pool is crystal clear. This 7-bag filter is specifically designed for large pools, such as those found in resorts, hotels, public spaces, and schools. This product has a seamless one-piece moulded polyethylene tank and is complete with a smooth side mounted multiport valve for the easy selection of operating features. This is a truly simple to operate and reliable option.

Jumbo Filter

The JUMBO Filter is manufactured by Speck Pumps and has all the features and quality that you as a customer require. Specifically designed for the large pool market like resort pools, hotel pools, municipal pools, school pools and industrial applications. The JUMBO Filter is ideal to use with our Badu®Galaxy pump.

The JUMBO Filter has a seamless, one piece moulded polyethylene tank and is fitted complete with our smooth operating side mounted Multiport valve for easy selection of standard operating features.

The JUMBO Filter is fully factory tested and under normal operating conditions carries a 24 month ex-factory warranty on the tank, the Multiport valve and internal parts from date of purchase.

701.0000.017 JUMBO Filter complete
Weight excl. sand in kg 0.50
Filter sand in kg 31
Filter area in m2 280
Flow rate in m3/h at 80kPa 39.05
Average pool size int 150 000
Flow rate in m3/h at 80kPa 25
4 hour turnover rate in 1 100 000
6 hour turnover rate in 1 150 000
8 hour turnover rate in 1 200 000
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