About Us

Speck Pumps is the greatest name in the swimming pool, spa and Koi pump industry in South Africa, as well as across the world. For more than 114 years Speck Pump’s parent company, Speck Pumpen, has been designing and producing high quality swimming pool pumps.

Speck Pumps, whose official name was founded in 1983, has been producing its high quality products in South Africa since 1978 and is still known for having a superior design and delivering outstanding service and spare parts.

Speck Pumps South Africa (Pty) Ltd offers a range of swimming pool cleaners and accessories. We provide quality services and products to our customers.

Speck Pumps South Africa (Pty) Ltd

The first Speck Pump hit the shores of Africa in 1969. It became popular and sought after so that on the 30th of September 1971 the South African operation was duly formed and incorporated as Speck Non-Corrosive Pool Equipment (Pty) Ltd. The company’s name was changed to Speck Pumps SA (Pty) Ltd on July 1st 1983.

In 1978 the moulds for the BADU® 40 series pumps were shipped to South Africa to start manufacturing the plastic parts locally. To this day there are many BADU® 40 series pumps still in operation in the local market. It is thanks to the superior quality of our products, that we have been exporting to Germany, Australia, England and Spain since May of 1980 and in 1990, Speck Pumps SA launched the BADU® 90 series of swimming pool pumps

For quality and service there is only one name…Speck Pumps

SPECK PUMPEN Verkaufsgesellschaft GmbH

Daniel Speck founded together with his five sons the company Speck Pumpen in Nuremburg Germany in 1909. During the first year the first plunger-reciprocating pump called the “Bueffel Pump” was manufactured. Speck Pumpen today consists of three production centres as well as a Sales, Marketing and Distribution company. Speck Pumps has manufacturing outlets in Australia, South Africa and the United States of America.


The BADU® 90 series was designed and developed by Speck Pumpen Germany on Speck Pumps SA’s request. This was the first swimming pool pump series manufactured with all injection moulding tools made in South Africa.

Through the 55 years that we have successfully operated in South Africa, we have grown and continually seen new products being developed and launched under the Speck Pumps SA banner with great success and achievement, and we still today continue on that foundation. And not only do we invest in our customers’ needs, but our community’s too. With our various school and club sponsorships across the nation we realize that it is, and will be our basis for the future.

Our company and our products enable us to offer you as our customer, specialized pool systems which meet your individual needs and requirements.

We can truly say, WE MOVE WATER…