BADU®Combi Combination Units

As the South African and global leaders in swimming pool pumps and accessories, staying at the forefront of our industry is a strategic imperative for the Speck brand.

We are proud technology leaders in our industry, and this is evident in the design of our BADU®Combi range of combination units. Engineered for easy installation, these combination units combine the sand filter and pool pump into one easy-to-install unit. The unit is factory seated on a base already fitted with a plumbing system for easy connection to your swimming pool (both in and out) and backwash outlet.

Did you know:
  • The installation of an average pool pump can take as much as four hours?
  • Another 2-4 hours is required for the installation of an average pool filter?
  • Any new installation of a BADU®Combi range unit can be completed in under 1 hour.
Our BADU® combination units truly simplify pool pump and filter installation, making these perfect for DIY enthusiasts or pool contractors eager to avoid longer installation times.

Get acquainted with our BADU® combination units

The BADU®Combi units combine the AQUASWIM® sand filter with A BADU®Porpoise self-priming pool pump. The unit is contained in a three-piece high-quality housing assembly, complete with a fully integrated DB box. The BADU®Porpoise range of pumps remains unsurpassed in its quality of material, workmanship and functional durability. The AQUASWIM®range of sand filters is strong, reliable and simple to operate.

The BADU®Eco Touch unit is also a prefabricated filtration system ready to install. It combines the AQUASWIM® sand filter with the BADU®Eco Touch self-priming pool pump, three-piece high-quality housing and a fully integrated DB box. Due to highly innovative motor technology, the self-priming circulation pump BADU®Eco Touch is revolutionizing energy consumption, operating costs, water quality and lower CO2 emissions. It is designed for quiet operation as well.

As prefabricated filtration systems ready to install, with a plumbed base, these units are attractive thanks to the ease of installation. Ideal for the DIY enthusiast or pool builder looking for a time-saving combo unit install.

The size of the swimming pool determines the required BADU®Combi.

The BADU®Combi range is fully factory tested and under normal operating conditions carries a 36-month ex-factory warranty on the pump, 60-months ex-factory on the AQUASWIM® sand filter and a 12-month ex-factory warranty on the distribution box from date of purchase.

The units that we have available are below and can be viewed in more detail on our Combination Units page of our website:

  • Combi 2
  • Combi 3
  • Combi 4
  • Combi 3 Eco Touch

For any enquiries, contact us at any of our branches or through the Contact page on our website.