Multiport Valves: Easy Pool Maintenance

As an industry leader, SPECK is a proud innovator of multiport valves suitable for commercial and residential use. Our high-quality units were designed with the goal of easing overall maintenance and are manufactured to increase the lifespan of sand filtration systems.


The Benefits of Multiport Valves

Multiport valves control and direct the flow of water as it enters and exits the filter, and each mode provides a different cleaning, filtering, or functional purpose. As a result, access to various ports allows for many benefits during the maintenance process.

  • It provides easy control of where water is sent.
  • It blocks collected dirt and debris from re-entering pool water.
  • It eases manual cleaning processes.
  • It ensures further protection of the pump.

The BADU®MAT MAT R 51, R 40 & R 40 T

Sand filters require backwashing to loosen sand and eliminate filtered dirt through the waste system. This is best completed with the assistance of hydraulic action by reversing the filtration of a circulation pump.

SPECK’s range of BADU®MAT multiport valves offer easy adjustment and maintenance. Additionally, these valves undergo full factory testing to ensure high quality and longevity.


  • Easy operation
  • Clear rinsing feature
  • 6 way multiport valve
  • 24-month ex-factory warranty from the date of purchase

More about the modes


Pool water is pumped into the filter, and dirt and debris are trapped in the sand bed. Only clean water is allowed to return to the pool.


Pool water is pumped back into the filter. Here, dirt and debris are dislodged in the sand and washed down the waste line.


Pool water is pumped through the filter and down the waste pipe. This is typically done immediately after backwashing to rinse and settle the sand.


The pump is bypassed to restrict water from re-entering the sand bed. Water is instead redirected to the swimming pool.


Pool water is pumped through the multiport valve and moves directly to the waste line. This allows it to bypass the sand bed.


The multiport valve is blocked off in the closed position, and water from the pump is restricted from passing through the filter. This is primarily used for cleaning the strainer.

BADU®MAT multiport valves are easy to use, deliver high performance and are suitable for various applications. If you are interested in any of these units to improve the maintenance of your sand filtration system, please feel free to contact our team for more information.