Introducing the AGILITI

At SPECK, we pride ourselves on bringing our clients the latest and greatest in pool products and accessories. We are ecstatic to announce the arrival of our brand new automatic pool cleaner – the AGILITI!

This cleaner is now available for purchase exclusively from SPECK. As a proudly South African manufactured product, we can vouch for the superior design of this unit to deliver unrivalled pool cleaning capabilities.

What is an automatic pool cleaner?

An automatic pool cleaner acts as an underwater vacuum cleaner to capture dirt, debris and sediment. These cleaners make use of your pool’s existing filtration system by connecting directly to the skimmer or suction line and uses the filter’s pumps’ suction to vacuum the pool’s surfaces. The pulsating water is what allows these cleaners to move around and improve the pool’s circulation.

These units were specifically designed to provide pool owners with a hassle-free experience to make pool maintenance easier than ever. The automation of these cleaners eliminates the need for manual guidance cleaning and saves pool owners ample time in the process.

More about the AGILITI

The robust design of this automatic pool cleaner allows it to withstand harsh conditions and function in all pool sizes with ease. This exclusive unit’s plug and play operation makes it is easy to install and operate on all pool surfaces. The AGILITI has an optimally designed footpad for superior cleaning results, a sleek design for manoeuvrability and an uncomplicated disconnection of parts for easy overall maintenance.

As an automatic pool cleaner, the AGILITI is an energy-efficient solution as it does not require additional energy to function. This unit is also suited to use alongside our energy-efficient pool pumps.

Why use an automatic pool cleaner?

The AGILITI moves around the walls and floors of your pool on its own accord to capture dirt, the majority of which is trapped in the skimmer basket, and the balance removed during filtration. This entire process leaves you to enjoy crystal clear water.

For homeowners looking to invest in a swimming pool or for those who already have, these automatic pool cleaners are a must to get the most out of your investment. Our automatic pool cleaners offer fantastic affordability and are easy to install in any pool.

Pool cleaning is a year-round and time-consuming task, but with an AGILITI from SPECK, you can spend less time cleaning it and more time in it!

Visit the AGILITI product page on our website for technical and product information for this unit.

For more information on our automatic pool cleaners, please feel free to get in touch.