With over 50 years of industry experience, Speck can confidentially offer our South African clientele high-quality pre-filters to make pool maintenance easy.
The pre-filters in our MultiCyclone range help pool owners achieve an easy maintenance process by filtering water before it reaches the pool’s primary filter. These pre-filters separate sediment from water and assist in lessening the demand placed on the primary filter. Our pre-filter units are also desirable for their ability to cut water consumption and extend the lifespan of the primary filter.
Our range of pre-filters include:

Our MultiCyclone 12 & 16 pre-filters have brilliant centrifugal water filtration capabilities that allow for high-quality performance. These units have no moving parts, which allows for minimised wear and tear. These pre-filters are housed in glass-filled thermoplastic material and are suitable for the majority of existing pool filtration systems.

The water required to cleanse these units is minimal, which allows for excellent water-saving. Furthermore, its hassle-free maintenance is reinforced through an easy cleaning process and purge valve.

Visit the MultiCyclone 12 & 16 product page on our website for technical and product information for these pre-filters.

The MultiCyclone Plus and Ultra units are dual-stage centrifugal devices that make use of cartridge filters to aid in their superior water-saving capabilities. These units have a streamlined design and can be conveniently installed next to the primary pump for easy access.
These pre-filters do not require any moving parts to function, which contributes to reduced maintenance costs. It is manufactured to be suitable to work alongside a variety of existing pool pumps and offers optimal functioning for low maintenance requirements.

Visit the MultiCyclone Plus & Ultra product page on our website for technical and product information for these pre-filters.

Our MultiCyclone 70XL is a revolutionary pre-filter designed with added hydrocyclones for use in commercial swimming pools. These added hydrocyclones assist in higher flow rates to keep up with the filtration demand of larger pools.
This unit is manufactured with durable glass-filled thermoplastic, is UV resistant and corrosion-resistant to provide years of quality pre-filtration. Similar to our other pre-filter units, the MultiCyclone 70XL also offers excellent water-saving capabilities and allows for savings in maintenance costs.

Visit the MultiCyclone 70XL product page on our website for technical and product information for this pre-filter.

We have pre-filters suitable for all sized pools. Should you wish to enquire about the excellent pre-filters in our MultiCyclone range, feel free to visit our contact page to get in touch.