The BADU®Logic Salt Chlorinator and more!

We continuously strive to offer the latest and greatest in pool products and accessories, aiming for solutions that are of high quality and that offer a hassle-free user experience. As a result, we are proud to offer our clients our range of BADU®Logic Salt Chlorinators and SPECK pool pump lids. Additionally, and new to the SPECK product range, we are proud to offer the Allbro Stand-up Pool box.
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Our BADU®Logic Salt Chlorinator eliminates the need to manually add chlorine to keep pool water looking crystal clear. This self-cleaning unit is a low maintenance solution, offers lower operating costs and is easy to operate.

With its clear housing and cutting edge design, this unit makes electrode inspection quick whilst ensuring that they do not erode. Available in four sizes, this unit is suitable for application in all pool types.

Visit the BADU®Logic Salt Chlorinator product page on our website for technical and product information for these chlorinators.

We understand the difficulty that often follows setting pool timers. This is why we offer the Allbro Stand-up Pool Box. The design ensures a convenient user experience with its well-placed pool timer access point. Additionally, it offers pad-lockable access windows for controlled access, making it suitable for all environments.

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What’s new at SPECK?

Introducing the SPECK LED Lid

This clear pump lid is equipped with a built-in LED to offer an improved user experience in low lit conditions. It also assists users in determining when baskets require a cleaning.

Introducing the SPECK Lid Ring with Handles

This genuine replacement part is a revolutionary creation. With it, pool owners can easily remove pump lids without the need for a spanner.

These lids are both retrofit to pump ranges BADU®Porpoise, BADU®Galaxy and BADU®Eco Touch.

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