Energy-saving Pool Maintenance

Owning a pool is a luxury that comes with its own set of challenges, including energy consumption and maintenance costs. Speck offers a solution that allows you to relish your pool’s benefits while significantly reducing energy usage and cost – the BADU®ECO Combi with VSD Pump! This combination unit is revolutionising pool upkeep by providing superior control over power usage and offering substantial energy savings.


About The BADU®ECO Combi with VSD Pump

Our latest combination unit, designed for immediate installation, seamlessly integrates the superior performance of the BADU®ECO VSD Pro pumps with the cutting-edge BADU®Eco Wise cartridge filter to offer pool owners a comprehensive solution for sustainable pool maintenance.

The Best of The BADU®ECO VSD Pro

The BADU®ECO VSD Pro Range distinguishes itself with its revolutionary motor technology, redefining industry standards for energy efficiency. Automatic and manual operating modes empower users with complete control over their pool’s functioning, while the corrosion-resistant materials used to manufacture these units deliver on the Speck commitment to product longevity and reliability.

Beyond the financial savings that follow improved energy efficiency, advanced motor technology contributes to decreased carbon emissions, allowing pool owners to relish the quality of their pool water while contributing to preserving our environment.

The Best of The BADU®Eco Wise Cartridge Filter

The BADU®Eco Wise cartridge filter boasts superior craftsmanship, offering features that ensure pool water remains pristine and inviting all year round. This filter is manufactured with high-strength ABS – a robust construction that ensures durability and longevity. The inclusion of its easy-to-operate design and unique self-drainage feature ensures that cleaning is hassle-free.

Comprehensive Pool Maintenance

Driven by an unyielding ambition to stay at the forefront of the industry, SPECK is known for its pioneering spirit and commitment to excellence. Integrating the exemplary performance of the BADU®ECO VSD Pro pumps and the advanced abilities of the AQUASWIM® sand filtration system allows SPECK to offer a comprehensive solution for pool maintenance that enables energy efficiency and provides an easy-to-operate, reliable, and durable pool maintenance system.

If you are interested in this combination unit, please contact our team for more information.