Prioritising Pool Maintenance

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of pool products and accessories, SPECK is well aware of the pitfalls of poor pool maintenance. However, this does not undermine its necessity! Neglecting pool maintenance can leave water in poor condition, lead to harmful algae and bacteria growth and even create an unwanted odour.

At SPECK, we have made it one of our many goals to continuously innovate quality products that help make pool maintenance as effortless as possible to prevent these unwanted circumstances.

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5 Pool Maintenance Tips


Regularly clean out baskets

Strainer baskets can quickly fill with dirt and debris. Be sure to clean out these baskets regularly to help maintain healthy pool circulation and lower the chlorine demands of your water. Additionally, the skimmers and weirs used to protect the pool’s pump must be regularly checked and cleaned. SPECK has designed a range of skimmers and weirs that offer easy access for cleaning to improve the circulation and filtration of pool water.


Frequently backwash your pool

Your pool’s filter is one of the most important pieces of equipment for ensuring that your water stays clean and sparkling. As a result, your pool should be frequently backwashed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. We have designed and manufactured a range of multiport valves to make backwashing, and overall maintenance, an easy process.


Clean your cartridge filter

Cartridge filters serve to trap small debris. However, over time, this debris builds up and must be cleaned to ensure your filter remains effective. If you have a cartridge filter, remove and clean it semi-regularly. This can be completed quickly and easily with the assistance of our cartridge-cleaning comb.


Monitor hygiene levels

Maintaining the proper pH and chlorine levels in your pool is essential to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. We stock quick test kits and test strips to ensure pool owners can easily check these levels and adjust where necessary. Additionally, we have a range of Blue Lagoon UV-C products to give you healthier, clearer water that is almost chemically free..

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Manually remove debris

In addition to general maintenance, it is also essential to manually remove dirt and debris found in pool water. This can be done with the help of leaf rakes, brushes or pool cleaners. For manual debris removal, our Pro Range of rakes and brushes offers a high-end design and durability to ensure an easy-to-use accessory. SPECK has innovated a range of accessories, from automatic pool cleaners to robotic pool cleaners, that effortlessly perform this task.

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Keeping Maintenance Easy

While the benefits of having a swimming pool are enormous, at-home maintenance is vital to keep the water looking crystal clear.

Our industry experience allows us to provide the best products with the best advice! For more information on our range of pool products and accessories to streamline your pool maintenance, please feel free to get in touch.