Test Kit O.T.O & Phenol Red Features:
  • Analysis of chlorine levels and pH of pool water
  • Suitable for in-ground and above ground pools
  • User-friendly
What’s included?
  • 1x Storage case
  • 1x Test vial
  • 1x Phenol Red solution
  • 1x OTO solution
  • 1x Test Kit Indicator Chart

Test Kit O.T.O & Phenol Red

Perfect water balance in a swimming pool is a function of several variables. It is measured by testing pH and chlorine – both should be within industry standards.

Our OTO and Phenol Red test kit serves to measure the values of ​​pH and chlorine in the test sample, to assess whether these levels are within standard parameters to assure the perfect water balance. Colour coded solutions make this kit easy to use and interpret.

More about our Test Kit

The Chlorine test (Cl)

The Chlorine test (Cl) indicates the chlorine concentration in pool water. Chlorine levels are important for several reasons, including bacteria control. The ideal reading for this test is 1.0 to 1.5.

Should your reading show above 3.0, you risk obtaining a false result for pH testing. To receive an accurate pH reading, first lower the chlorine levels. Your local pool shop will advise on the appropriate treatment regimen to correct your chlorine levels.

The proportion of Hydrogen Test (pH)

The Proportion of Hydrogen test indicates the current pH condition of pool water, more easily defined as the acidity or alkalinity of the water. The neutral value for this test is 7, with lower values indicating more acid and higher values indication more alkaline. Therefore, the ideal reading for this test is 7.2 to 7.6.

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